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Hello welcome ☆♀Lolipan♂☆'s Official's site


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Official Site of ☆♀Lolipan♂☆ PSO2, ship-02

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    Post  AliceTanTanTan! Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:50 pm

    Welcome to the official forum of RoyalPhantasm.
    The purpose of creating this forum is for all the team members to interact and strengthen our friendship.
    New team member are encouraged to join the forum for discussions among the teammates, as well as improving our friendship.

    Founded: 5th of November 2012
    Team Leader : シャナ (Mirai_Suenaga) thats me lol XD
    Team Level : lvl2 still progressing since the team is still new XD
    Team Block : B20 (where most english players resides)
    Ship : Ship-02

    The aim of this Team is to be a fun and relaxing team for all of us! (Casual)

    Team Rules:
    1) Be friendly and respectful to the other players, no flaming, insults, trash-talking etc.
    2) Be active, and if you cannot login/play for some reasons please notify me or any other team manager in game so that you won't get booted from team.
    3) Strictly no usage of game hacks in any kind and no scamming other players. We want legit players.
    4) DO NOT AND NEVER TREAT THIS TEAM AS A HOTEL!!! Once u Quit if u never give me a good reason I WILL NEVER Invite u Back..!!!!!
    5) Follow the simple rules above XD

    Failure to follow the team rules, depending on severity of the case, might result in a kick out from the team.

      Current date/time is Fri Dec 01, 2023 4:07 am