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    Money Pot III!! (Time Attack Amduscia)


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    Money Pot III!! (Time Attack Amduscia) Empty Money Pot III!! (Time Attack Amduscia)

    Post  AliceTanTanTan! Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:37 pm


    Amdusica is the simplest, yet the most annoying and bothersome Time Attack in my opinion.


    NOTE: Dragons should not be killed if possible. The last area consists of many eliminations, and the number you receive depends on how many dragons you kill. If you kill 0 (or sometimes 1, but not guaranteed), you will get no eliminations in the last area, speeding up the run by many minutes.

    Floating Continent starts with a room with 4 Dagacha and 2 Kartargots. These need to be killed to proceed. To the right of this room is a console which spawns a turret you can use in the third room. This is not required for the Continent shortcut, and it does nothing else, contrary to popular belief.

    The second room is simply a darker kill room. 2 Micdas, 2 Ol Micdas, 2 Ga Wondas and 2 Gu Wondas. Simple enough; split accordingly. Unless you "ban" the use of it or something, it is highly recommended that a RA uses weak bullet on all Wondas, as they take a while to kill (Double Sabers rip through them even without weak bullet, though).

    The third room is where you'll meet your first dragons. All players should avoid attacking dragons here; either be careful when firing your PAs/Technics, or switch to single target only ones (which tend to be less powerful and slower, but are safer in this room). This will avoid killing the dragons; there are 3. When there are only 3 dots left on the map, move to the next room.

    The next room has 2 El Ahdas and 2 Kartargots. 2 players should move forward and kill them, while 2 players platform to get the yellow switches. It's recommend ranged classes go up there, so they can still attack while on top. After the room is cleared, the players waiting for the switches should stand on the switches and should not move. Providing the players don't move, the catapult that spawns near the structure to your right will remain activated. This sends one player over the large wall to your left. It is preferable that a FO goes over this wall, as they can use a Zonde technique to kill all the fish instantly. After these are dead, the second console can be reached. This does the following:

    - Allows you to skip the Micda room.
    - Allows you to skip the first attack.
    - Allows you to skip the second attack.
    - Allows you to skip the room after the second attack.

    This is a pretty significant shortcut and requires at least 3 players to utilise.

    The rest of the run is a pretty simple darker kill. There is a dragon just before the third attack, which should not be killed unless you like eliminations to waste your time.

    The third attack can be skipped in two ways; both requiring mechguns:

    - All players possess a pair of allclass mechguns and flip over the last attack.
    - The player who uses the CATAPULT possess a pair of allclass mechguns and skips the FIRST attack instead of using the catapult over it. Only one attack can spawn at once, and if this player skips the first attack, the rest can just walk over the third without mechguns.

    Caves is pretty straightforward and simple. After taking your first warp, all players should split to the 4 corners of the swastika. At the end of each one is a switch, which is required to proceed. AFter the swastika, you'll come across a switch marathon. Just walk forward and you'll reach the end.

    You'll then come across a large room with darkers and dragons. As before, kill all the darkers and ignore the dragons. After these darkers are dead, you'll face the Gwanaha. You can go about her in two ways:

    - Weak Bullet the face and do damage that way.
    - Get rid of all the arms to expose her body. NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE, depending on how her arms upon entrance.

    After killing her, proceed to area 3 and kill Vol. You will have to do eliminations if you killed any dragons, but that is all.
    There are two ways to go about Vol:

    - RECOMMENDED: Have a Ranger Weak Bullet the tail and smash it. After the tail is gone, weak bullet the front horn and break it. This will stun Vol further. Then, weak bullet the head and attack it consistently. Interestingly enough, you can "break" the head (not literally), which keeps stunning him over and over again and makes the fight rather trivial.
    - After breaking the tail, weak bullet the infection spot instead and keep attacking that. Not always recommended, as Vol has a lot of HP and not all classes can easily attack the infection point. Easiest if you have a lot of FOs.

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