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    Money Pot I !! (Time Attack Naberius)


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    Money Pot I !! (Time Attack Naberius) Empty Money Pot I !! (Time Attack Naberius)

    Post  AliceTanTanTan! Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:24 pm


    Credits to the video owner XD

    Learn and get yourself out of Money issue !! :3

    30k per run-N, 50k per run-Hard, 100k-VHard
    Client order taken from Klotho (wheres klotho? 2nd floor
    How to unlock?
    Complete it once any rank would do! XD

    You said you dont have this Time attack at the quest counter? then Razz YOU!!!!
    Must be Lvl15/20 above i'm not sure
    Must clear all quest from Koffie until tundra (exploration quest)

    How to unlock hard mode and very hard mode?
    Clear difficulty quest from Koffie
    If u dun have them u wont be able to see the hard mode n vhard mode from Klotho Razz

    How long must we clear it in order to get S rank?
    Btw if you didnt get S rank for it the Client Order wont be complete so watch out for the time when ur doing it :3

    This is the informative version of video..
    although its quite blur but you can ask around in the team :3
    If your still unsure ! you can just ask me or any other experienced team members for help!
    we will guide you Razz

    Its a must to learn this!! its one of the best way to farm $$ besides MPA!!

    P/s tips on the shortcuts (some of u might missed out in the video)

    Shortcut #1 (Forest)
    After defeating all the mobs in the 3rd area (the clockwise mob spawning area)
    A person or 2 will have to go back to the 2nd area..
    AND! take the west/east portal vice versa!
    after that you will be transport to the secret area XD
    Cut the bushes and a hidden switch will spawn step on it and u will clear the small roadblock up ahead just before the Rockbear defeat the rockbear and proceed.. Razz

    Shortcut #2 (Tundra)
    After both player who gets to the right and left side to press the switch deep within this stage
    the other 2 player who are on the color switch stepping duty must clear all mobs in the middle
    that includes 2 mammoths 3 yedi and all the rappies XD
    after defeating them
    the other 2 players will see a hidden portal spawn at the back near the switch...
    Use the portal u will be transport directly to the 2nd switch area XD
    Simple isnt it!! (seriously that saves alot of time)

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