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    Money Pot II !! (Time Attack Lillipan)


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    Money Pot II !! (Time Attack Lillipan) Empty Money Pot II !! (Time Attack Lillipan)

    Post  AliceTanTanTan! Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:29 pm


    Credits to the video owner.

    Well here we are again this is the 2nd time attack map we have in pso2

    Basically this is again a method of earning money...
    This one i myself and the others are still struggling and under confusion.. in other words,
    play it and understand it urself!! We wont be able to help out on this one XD
    i'll update this again once i mastered it completely Razz

    and again this CO is from the same client (Klotho)


    For 4 person its actually quite easy considering the shortcut XD
    Rmb to stay on the switch when u step on it (Blue and Green) for other 2 players to unlock the catapult @E-3 and also learn how to do laser avoiding stunt thats all XD

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